A Film By Marianne Kapfer

35 mm 62min. black/white

Moscow in May: time for parades and demonstrations. Moscovites celebrate the Russian victory over Nazi-Germany and the communists demonstrate against the Kremlin-government. Peter Bandit, american singer from Los Angeles, and his band , "Peter Bandit's Root 66", come to town. A german-russian filmteam wants to make a movie about them. But Moscow is big and seductive, the girls are pretty and russian customs are rough. Bad conditions for making a film about four strangers coming to Russia for the first time. A film about music and life in Moscow, one of the most beautiful and exciting, but still one of the toughest cities in the world.

Cast : Peter B. Culross, Bodo Matzkeit, Robert Klinger, Rob Dietze,
Olga Beshulja, Tatjana Salzirn, Marina Surikova, Sergej Gurjew

Music : Rob Dietze

Songs : Peter Bandit‘s Root 66

Editors : Wladimir Tjutikow, Knut Karger, Marianne Kapfer

Camera : Gennadij Morozow, Oleg Lukitschow

Production : Oleg Posnejew, Jewgenij Panfilow, Marianne Kapfer

Directors : Marianne Kapfer & Sergej Luchishin

Moscow- Munich 2001

Songs from the film

Pictures from the film